A Valuable Service For Affiliate Marketers

Do you promote products and or services online as an affiliate?

If so, read on for some important information.

A lot of affiliate marketers are losing money continually, because of a problem that affects most affiliate programs.

The problem arises when affiliates use software or web based scripts to hide their affiliate links either with redirect or cloaking pages.

This is obviously done in order to boost commissions, but there is an important piece of information that most affiliates don’t know about.

When using software or scripts to secure affiliate links, for some of those links, the end result actually reduces commissions instead of boosting them.

This is a serious problem which affects a lot of affiliate programs (including some of the big companies).

Losses can be as high as 50% of the commissions, but most affiliates are unaware of the problem.

Checking an affiliate program to see whether it is affected by the problem is quite a complex technical process.

But that is where Cloak Guardian comes in. It’s a simple service that affiliates can use to test any affiliate link to see if it is affected by the problem.

Just enter an affiliate link into a box and the script then tests the link and reports on whether it is safe to use cloaking (or other similar solutions) with that link.

So affiliates can continue to use cloaking with safe links, while avoiding using cloaking with unsafe links.

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