Selling Domains AKA Flipping A Website

Flipping websites can be a fairly easy and potentially profitable way to make some extra money online. This concept is the same as when an investor will buy a house, fix it up and turn around and sell it for a profit, the only difference is that you are doing it all in the virtual world, online. You will first find a domain name for sale, purchase it, put up a simple website and sit back and wait for a few weeks or months, then sell your website for a nice little profit.

While this is a fairly easy concept there is, of course, a little more to it. The first thing you want to do is purchase a desirable domain name. It’s unlikely that if you buy the domain name ‘Sue Jones’ you’re going to get many people who would want to pay for it later.

When deciding on the domain name you want to buy you should do some research to find a hot niche that has a lot of interest. It could be anything from toys for toddlers to designer handbags.

It’s important to find a niche that not only has a lot of traffic but where people are actually making purchases, then you need to do some keyword research to determine which specific words and phrases people are using when they search for products in that niche.

Once you’ve got your domain name, put up a website (a simple blog style will work just fine) add some compelling content then sit back and wait, or you can be a little more proactive and help your site grow more quickly by adding more content more frequently and also by doing some article marketing to get even more traffic. It’s up to you which way you choose to go, one will be easier but take longer and the other will be harder but get results more quickly.

When it comes to selling your website there are several sites online that will walk you through the steps so that you can list your site for sale, one of the best known is –

It costs around $9 to list your site for sale, and of course there are additional option sthat you can choose that are designed to help you draw more attention to your listing.

Here is a very nice article that provides some simple tips to help get you started:

8 Tips on How to Sell Your Domain Name

While there is no guarantee that it will sell for thousands of dollars, but if you go through the process of researching your keywords, choosing a hot niche for your domain and setting up an attractive listing, you’ve got a good chance of selling your site and making a tidy profit from a domain name that you spent $10 on.

I wanted to provide you with a list of other websites that you can sell domains on. When it comes time to flip your website, take some time and check them out and choose the one that will work best for you:

Warrior Forum – This is one of the most active IM forums online and is definitely full of many potential buyers:

DigitalPoint Forum – This is a very active marketplace for all selling all types of websites, domains and other digital products:

WebsiteBroker – This is one of the one of the best alternatives to Flippa:

eBay – They have an entire section dedicated to selling websites:

BuySellWebsite – This is an established site with a listing and appraisal service to help you get a good idea of what your site is worth so that you can list it effectively:

Flipping Enterprises – This one is a little different. They are a website brokerage with ready buyers:

And finally, consider for your domain name registrations.    Send article as PDF