Using Analytics to Improve Your Website

Website analytics are there to help you track and measure various parameters of your website. But, they can also help you ensure that your website is completely optimized in every aspect – including layout, speed, SEO, and more. For example, with Google Analytics you can create many different reports to help you understand the health of your website.

Set Goals First

The first thing to do is set goals for your analytics. For example, if you are having a webinar you might want to study how many people sign up for your webinar and signed up for your newsletter. If you’ve created a white paper you may want to keep track of how many people downloaded the white paper, and if you put links inside the white paper you want to know how many people click through.

* Did SEO Work or Not? – Using the analytics that you have available, you can find out if traffic or conversions increased after you updated your SEO on your site and added more content.

* What Type of Content Works Best? – You can also find out which posts are more popular and which converted. When you take stock of which blog posts are popular, what do they have in common?

* Which Segments of Your Audience Convert at a Higher Rate? – If you use audience segmentation you can find out the segments that covert at a higher rate, which means you can then use that information to target that segment harder.

* What New Products or Services You Should Offer – When you determine through analytics what your visitors like most, you can offer complementary products or services, and even new things that they might like based on the data you collect.

* Help You Determine New Goals – As you research the data and information that you find in your analytics software, you can actually come up with new ideas for new goals – goals that you might not have come to if you hadn’t looked at the other data. For example, your first goal might be to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, and then you may set up a goal that people on your newsletter list convert to joining your membership site.

* Help You Choose the Right Keywords – One thing that Google Analytics and AdWords are really good at is helping you choose the right keywords. Plus, once you download a couple hundred keyword ideas it will also help you decide what type of content to add based on the keyword research.

* Help You Identify a Slow Loading Site – Sometimes website designers add too many interesting features that cause a website to slow down. If your website is too slow, visitors will leave and Google will downgrade your website. By keeping tabs on this metric, you can take steps to improve.

Using analytics to help you improve your website is a great use of the software. You can ensure that your site is up to date, works fast, and has proper navigation and SEO so that you can convert visitors to buyers in no time.

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Nine Common Analytics Mistakes

If you truly want to improve your business, get more customers and make more sales, then you need to mind your numbers. The metrics behind what is working or not working is very important. They say that only 20 percent of your actions make up 80 percent of the results. What if you’re working on the wrong 20 percent? If you study analytics, you’re going to be so much more likely to work on the right 20 percent.

Below are nine common analytics mistakes. Hopefully by reading them you’ll avoid making the same mistakes yourself.

1. Not looking at the Numbers at All – Many people have perfectly successful online and offline businesses where they never look at a single number. One might wonder what the point is if you’re already successful. But, the fact is, how much more successful can a business owner be if they know what’s working and what’s not working?

2. Looking at the Wrong Information – Many new people study information that really doesn’t matter. For example, are “bounces” really bounces? Or, did they get taken to a redirect affiliate link that cannot be tracked via your analytics software?

3. Not Setting Up the Software Correctly – If you’re new and you have no idea about the capabilities of the software or how to use it, you need to get training or have someone who is a professional set it up and give you reports. The software only works as well as the user.

4. Not Monitoring Regularly – Often, people spend a lot of time and money to set up analytics but they never look at them again. This is terrible use of the software and a huge mistake for the business. Once you set it up, ensure that you monitor everything on a set schedule so that you will not miss anything.

5. Not Segmenting for Retargeting/Remarketing – One of the most powerful forms of marketing today is retargeting or remarketing to people who have visited your websites or had some sort of interaction before. Some people need to see your offerings multiple times in order to finally trust you. Don’t miss out on this amazing ability.

6. Not Setting Conversion Goals – If you don’t set goals within your software, you won’t know if what you’re trying to achieve is happening or not. You can make assumptions based on income but you won’t really know what’s helping or hurting you.

7. Not Filtering Out Invalid Traffic – A lot of traffic can just mess up your numbers, so you need the ability and knowledge of how to filter out that particular traffic. The invalid traffic are people who visit your website to work, like yourself and your virtual assistant or web designer.

8. Not Setting Up Multiple Views – When you get reports, instead of trying to look at everything at once, set up multiple views so you can see what each parameter means to your business.

9. Not Differentiating the Types of Traffic – There are several types of traffic such as referral, direct and so forth. You should differentiate each type of traffic so that you know what is causing a spike in bounces or conversions.

If you’re not using your analytics software properly due to lack of knowledge or time, consider hiring a professional. Google Analytics offers certification and a Google Badge for those who have passed the tests. If you do have time, consider going through the course yourself.

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