Rating Web Hosting To Choose A Web Host Provider

The process of selecting a web host for your website can be quite confusing for many people. After all, there are countless different hosting providers advertised on the internet. And if you do a a web search for ‘web hosting’, you will see hundreds of pages of results (if not more). You need a way to simplify the process of selecting your website host. The best method for this is to visit sites that were created for rating web hosting.

Not all websites that rate hosting plans are alike, however. Many are created with the purpose of getting people to sign up for the web hosts that they have rated as being best, in other words, these sites are affiliated with those particular web hosts and have skewed their results so as to make those hosts appear at the top of the ratings list. They often do this by posting their own positive reviews of the host.

How can you tell if you have found a website that is legitimately rating web hosting plans? First of all, if you see only positive reviews on a website, be wary. Any trustworthy website will have both positive and negative reviews. In addition, take note of the content of the reviews. If the reviews are all very simple and do not contain any specifics, it is likely that they were not written by actual customers of those web hosts. Real reviews will contain details, such as a comment about how a technical issue with the host was resolved or an opinion about how easy the control panel is to navigate and why.

Another way to tell if you have found a good website that that rates hosting providers is to see if the site has advertising from web hosts. Any site that does have advertising from web hosting providers is likely going to be biased toward those web hosts. It is probably that a site like this is getting paid each time a site visitor clicks on either an advertisement or a link for a certain web host. This certainly won’t help you to find the best website. You need to find an unbiased site.

Once you have found a credible and trustworthy website that is rating web hosting, choosing a web host provider for your website will be much easier. You will know that the reviews on the site, both positive and negative, have been written by actual customers of each web host. These reviews can be quite helpful in determining which host will work best for your website.

Legitimate host rating websites will also break down the ratings into categories. These categories can include types of hosts, such as shared hosts, dedicated server hosts, and reseller hosts. They may also include features, such as cPanel hosts, Fantastico hosts, E-Commerce hosts, Green hosts, and more.

By carefully reading through host rating websites, you can get a clear picture of many different web host providers and, therefore, easily choose the best web host for your website.

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All About Mobile Domain Names

When the Internet first came out it was restricted to a wired connection to a computer. Eventually technology improved, creating wireless Internet. At that point the Internet could be accessible through desktops, laptops and mobile devices without wiring. This means that the Internet was now portable. And as more mobile devices are getting created, consumers are exploring how to increase this portability. In fact, wireless Internet has gotten so popular with mobile devices, domain name companies have created a new extension. It’s called .mobi.

.Mobi is the extension of choice for websites that are being formatted for cell phones, pdas and other mobile devices. It can be bought from most major domain name companies such as crazydomains.com.au , networksolutions.com or Rightbiz Web Hosting. As far as registering a .mobi domain name, one would go through the same type of procedure that is associated with traditional domain names. This involves first choosing a .mobi domain name and seeing if it is available.

If it is not available, the domain name company will offer suggestions on what a person can use. Either way, the customer will be given another chance to select another .mobi domain name. Once they get one that is not taken, they can proceed to purchase it. The contract will last one to two years, depending on what they agreed upon with the domain name company. When the contract is up, a person will have to renew their .mobi domain name if they want to continue to keep it.

So, why would a webmaster decide to invest in a domain name that is restricted to mobile devices? Well, it’s mainly because they get an opportunity to center in on a market that is relatively new. Since most webmasters or companies are trying to take advantage of the .coms or the .nets, the .mobi has become somewhat forgotten. This means that it is prime for search engine keywords that would normally not be available for traditional domain names. It can also allow a webmaster a branding opportunity for their company.

However, since a .mobi domain name means a webmaster is creating a website specially designed for a mobile phone or tablet, it cannot have the types of frills that it could have if it was being promoted on a computer. Good mobile websites need to be mostly textual with very limited number of pics, (if any). Granted, plain text is not fancy, but it doesn’t require much loading time. Mobile phone sites should also not be very large nor should they be created with frames or other more complicated layouts.

A webmaster may also want to consider trying to divert the mobile website visitor to a regular website. One way this can be done is by advertising the domain name that is associated with a traditional website. But it must be made clear that the site will only display appropriately on regular computers. Another option is trying to capture the person’s email address by offering them something free, such as an e-book or low-cost merchandise.

When they sign up to the email subscription, their first newsletter could advertise the traditional website a webmaster wants promoted. By doing either of these options, webmasters can still take advantage of pay-per-clicks or affiliate programs, revenue generators which may not be promoted on .mobi websites due to viewing limitations with banner or text ads.

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Best Australian Web Hosting Top Four With Servers In Australia

There are some great data centres in Australia that can host your website, with actual affordable pricing! siteground.com offers good hosting, with servers in Australia. cloudways.com even has quite cheap VPS (virtual private servers) when you need even more power. Finally, hostinger.com has a data centre located in nearby Singapore, and provides an amazing entry point on price for beginners, hobbyists and other low traffic website or blog needs. Check out the video below for more details:

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New .au Domain Names Slammed as Tax on Australian Business

The new .au domain names for Australia have been slammed as a tax on Australian business. Watch the video for more details:


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Registering .COM.AU Domain Names

If you hold a business presence in Australia and you choose to expand it on the net to get in touch with more local people, you need a good-class domain for your website. The local .AU country specific top-level domain (ccTLD) is undeniably the most widely used domain in the country, often chosen over generic domains such as .COM or .NET. In view of the fact that registrations are, as of this writing, not currenlty allowed directly under .AU, you will need a 2nd Level Domain and the most widely used extension that businesses use is .COM.AU. This second-level extension is frequently recognized as being ‘the local .COM’.

If you would like to register a .COM.AU domain name for a personal or a business website, you can do it through an auDA accredited registrar such as crazydomains.com.au and the domain will go live within the hour. You can also move your existing domain over to them and manage it concurrently with your hosting account, all in one place. To prevent unauthorized transfers, the .AU registry has introduced the Auth-Code (also called an Authorization Code, Auth-Info Code, or transfer code), so you will have to obtain the code for your domain name from the present registrar. .COM.AU domains can be purchased for five a year period at a time and the renewals are possible only during the last sixty days prior to the expiration. An official Australian Business Number (ABN) is required, so solely local individuals and commercial entities can register such a domain.

.COM.AU Domains with crazydomains.com.au

Discover how easy it is to manage .COM.AU domain names with crazydomains.com.au. Their Premium DNS ugrade is an excellent .COM.AU domain name management tool. For example, editing the WHOIS details or modifying the DNS settings requires only several clicks of the mouse and you can easily lock & unlock your .COM.AU domain(s) at any time.

Through the Premium DNS upgrade, you will have complete administration over your .COM.AU domain. You can edit custom DNS records, custom name servers, you are able to park domains, etc. And if you’ve got a hosting account with crazydomains.com.au, you can effortlessly manage both your domains and your websites. They’ve got you covered!

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.NET.AU Domain Registration

If you own an IT related business or any telecommunications-related business registered in Australia, and if you’re aiming to get higher rankings in local search results you can always consider picking the .NET.AU domain extension. This country code extension is restricted only to companies and organizations licensed in Australia, meaning that you can still find tons of good .NET.AU domains that can be registered. At an auDA accredited registrar such as crazydomains.com.au you can register your .NET.AU domain for five years at a time. The price of a 5-year .NET.AU domain name registration is discounted and is only $84.95

.NET.AU Domains with crazydomains.com.au

Whether you’re an experienced site owner or a hosting novice, you’ll find all the features and domain settings you’ll need and have complete control of your domain name’s WHOIS and DNS settings through their Premium DNS upgrade. You can manage numerous domain names from the very same place without difficulty – you aren’t restricted to one domain per Control Panel.

The Best Loading Speeds for Your Sites in Australia and Oceania

For the best connectivity, choose to host your site on an Australian based Data Centre. Note, you don’t have to host your site on the same place you have your domain registered at. cloudways.com has an Australian Data Centre and hostinger.com has a Singapore based Data Centre. Using an Australian based Data Centre you’ll also be able to enjoy outstanding website loading rates for the websites you’ve hosted there.

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Crazy Domains IPO (Dreamscape Networks Limited) on the ASX

Own a part of Australia and New Zealand’s #1 domain and hosting provider.

Founded in 2000, Dreamscape Networks Limited has grown organically and without external funding to be the leading .au domain brand in Australia with a 30% market share for .au domains (as at June 2016) with 34% market share of all new .au domain registrations.

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Interview with Byron Holland, ccNSO Vice-Chair

Interview with Byron Holland, Country Code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO) Vice-Chair, March 2016:

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Australians have a close bond to .au

Australians feel more comfortable dealing with Australian companies and organisations online:

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The Structure of .au

Where Australian’s fit in the .au Domain Space:

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