Website Building 101: Can I Build My Own Business Website?

In 2019, no business should be without a web presence. The first place most customers look is online, and if you don’t have a website to greet them you could miss out on valuable leads. There are many website hosting companies that will allow you to build your own website, but are you ready to take on the challenge?

This guide will take you through the three main website types, the technical skills you’ll need to build them, plus the time it takes to build and maintain the site. Download our ‘Build the Right Website for Your Business’ tool to take you through these stages step-by-step and see if you have the expertise to build an effective website for your business.

Who needs a website?

Did you know that 70% of all research starts with a Google search? In fact, more than half of all website traffic comes from organic search, according to BrightEdge research. To top it all off, a recent Telstra report found that 60% of customers will stop considering a business if they can’t find information easily about them online. From major B2B companies to local shops and beauty salons; every single business can benefit from building up their online brand.

What style of website should you build?

Depending on the main purpose of your business website, there are three main types to choose from:

1. Brochure

A brochure website is like an online business card for your business and is one of the most popular types. It features the four main pages – Homepage, About Us, Services, and Contact Us. A brochure website should tell the customer everything they need to know about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It’s best for building credibility with your customer base.

2. Lead Generation

Similar to a brochure site, but this website captures leads for sales to follow up on. Along with the four basic pages, it typically features a blog, or product pages. It can also handle plugins that help you add extra website features, such as booking appointments online.

3. eCommerce

An eCommerce site has all the same features of a lead generation site, plus the ability to take payments online. It’s designed to be an online store that allows you to sell your products and services there and then.

No matter which type of website you choose, there are some non-negotiable features. All websites should have engaging content – including copywriting and images. Setting up analytics will help you track and report on your website traffic, so you can get to know your customers better. Plus, an SSL certificate will help build trust with your users. This is especially important if you plan to take payments online as it keeps your customers details secure and private.



There’s a super simple Feature Checklist in our ‘Build the Right Website for Your Business’ tool to help you decide what type of website is best suited to your business.


Do you have the required web development skills?

Now that you’ve decided on a website type, it’s time to start building. While many of us have little trouble deciding how we want our website to appear, coding and building it is a different story. Technical elements such as plugins and analytics tracking don’t just appear on their own; without prior web development experience, you may struggle to build the website of your dreams. Then there’s optimising your content for the web, including capitalising on organic traffic with SEO.

Being realistic about your web development skills can be tough, but it’s an important step. You could always commit to learning these new skills, but the time and money you’d have to invest in doing so is hardly worth it when you have the option of hiring a professional instead.

Try the Skill Assessment in our ‘Build the Right Website for Your Business’ tool to help you decide whether you have the skills required to build and maintain a great website.


Do you have time for maintenance?

You want your website to work for you, not take valuable time out of your work schedule each month. To achieve this, you’ll need to track your website performance and make any necessary changes to optimise it for user experience. The better the user experience, the more likely someone will enquire with your business or purchase from your store. Setting aside hours each month to work on your website is probably not what you had in mind when starting a business.



We’ve included a Time Calculator in our ‘Build the Right Website for Your Business’ tool to give you an idea of how much time you have to set aside to keep things running. It will estimate how many hours you’ll need to set up your website, plus how many hours per month you can expect to spend maintaining it.


So, are you ready to build your own website?

If, after reading this, you find yourself saying, ‘Yes! I have the skills, time, and money to put into building a website,’, then good for you! Register your domain and get started. If you find yourself wondering whether you’re really ready to build a website, know that there’s other options for you. You can trust our experts to complete a professional website that drives traffic, generates leads, and provides the ultimate user experience. Our friendly Australia-based team is here to help. Call 1300 638 734 or enquire online to chat about your new business website.

Netregistry are always seeking new ways to help Australian businesses succeed. Download and work through our ‘Build the Right Website for Your Business’ tool to test whether you have what it takes to build your own business website.

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How to secure your website

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small business; cybersecurity should be a top priority. The personal information we share online is a prime commodity for cybercriminals and if you have an unsecure website, your data and that of your customers is at risk. Luckily, there’s a simple fix. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate encrypts this data and protects it from cyberattacks. Read on to find out why a Rapid SSL certificate is an essential for your business website and where to get one.

Online security matters for all businesses

Data breaches are a newsworthy event, especially when they target big name businesses we know and trust. A big business data breach may make the front page, but small businesses are targeted too. Recent government statistics showed that small businesses are the target of 43% of all cybercrime. It also found that 60% of small businesses who are hit with a major cyber breach will be out of business in only 6 months.

Many small business owners – around 87% – falsely believe that antivirus software alone is sufficient protection. But as the internet evolves, so too does cybercrime. Protecting your website and building trust with your customers requires an SSL certificate.

Interested in securing your website but still have questions? Reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to help.

How to tell if a website is secure

The term SSL certificate might sound technical, but you’ve likely interacted with many of them before. Their main purpose is to encrypt any information shared with a website to prevent cybercriminals from getting access to it. This includes login details, passwords, personal information like your phone number or address and credit or debit card information.

If a website is secure it will feature a padlock symbol in the address bar, immediately to the left of the URL. Another indicator is when the URL begins with https://, as the S stands for secure. Finally, the website may feature a security trust seal.

Example of a security trust seal

Examples of a secure website URL

It’s also easy to tell if a website is not secure as many browsers show a not secure symbol or text in the same place as the padlock. An unsecure website is still reputable, but information shared with it will not be encrypted.

Key benefits of an SSL certificate

Protect sensitive customer information

The primary purpose of any SSL certificate is to encrypt and protect private information. It also minimises your legal risk should a breach occur, since you’ve implemented security measures that should have prevented this.

Boost Google search rankings

Since 2014, Google has been prioritising websites with an SSL certificate in organic search results. By adding a certificate to your site, you can increase your visibility.

Establish trust with site visitors & increase online conversions

If you have an eCommerce business, then you’ll be asking customers to provide their credit or debit card information. They need to trust that your website is safe in order to trust you with their personal details.

Rapid SSL vs. Quick SSL

There are two common SSL certificates to choose from. First, a Rapid SSL which is an ideal starting certificate for any small business website. Second, a Quick SSL Premium which suits growing businesses who are building a large database of customer information. Both of these certificates offer supreme protection. The main difference is the warranty – it is smaller for a Rapid SSL which is what makes it the best starter certificate. As your business grows, you can always consider upgrading to a Quick SSL Premium.

Secure your website with Netregistry

The longer you wait to secure your website, the higher the risk. Buy an SSL certificate today and gain protection within minutes. To better understand which SSL certificate is right for you, speak with our Australian Online Solutions Advisers on 1300 638 734 or send an enquiry online.

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Tired of not seeing results from your digital marketing?

The online marketing space is highly competitive with many small businesses entering the arena in the hopes of boosting their business. You may have tried running it yourself, but found it was too time consuming. Or perhaps you’ve engaged a third party service before with limited success. Either way, you still have the chance to beat your digital marketing fatigue and get the results you’ve been after. Start with our 4-step assessment of your current strategies to find out what’s been missing.

Digital marketing is here to stay

Ask any of your customers how they find new products or services and most of them will mention the internet. An online presence is more important than ever, and successful small businesses understand that digital marketing is the way to attract their desired audience. According to a recent Telstra report, Australian small businesses are well and truly engaged with digital marketing. The report found 26% are currently practicing SEO, 9% choose search engine marketing and 41% use social media to attract customers.

There are plenty of resources to teach you about digital marketing but doing it yourself takes time and research. Even if you have the basics down, keeping up with constant changes to the platforms and search engines is a job in itself. If you’ve been running your own campaigns and only feeling mild success, it might be time for a refresh.

The 4 steps to refresh your strategies

The holiday season and lead up to a new year is a great time to check on your digital strategies. We’ve put together a simple 4 step process to help you boost your current marketing plans.

Step 1: Get to know your customers

Before beginning any marketing campaign it’s a good idea to get to know your customer base. If you have been running SEO, search engine marketing or social campaigns for a while, you’ll have access to valuable customer insights through analytics. The first step is to access your analytics platforms and find out who is interacting with your brand. You can get to know customers who have purchased from you before to help you target similar persons.



Step 2: Conduct an SEO Content Analysis

Content is king, as they say – but is the content on your website working for you? Your content should work for the search engine algorithms, whilst also engaging your readers. The second step is conducting an SEO Content Analysis to identify gaps or issues with your web content. Find detailed instructions on how to perform one and download our template here.

Step 3: Tighten up your search engine marketing

There’s more than one way to get your business noticed with a search engine advertising campaign. Whether you’re using Google Search Advertising or Bing Search Advertising, you should check that your campaign is giving you the lowest cost per conversion. It’s also worth looking into the many benefits of the ads platform you’re using; such as remarketing banners, Google shopping and audience targeting.

Step 4: Assess your social media presence

Not all social media platforms suit all businesses. You’re better off running one highly successful campaign, rather than spreading yourself too thin by trying to master them all. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram all have different audiences and knowing who you’re looking to target (from Step 1) goes a long way to answering which platform you should use.



Save yourself time with qualified marketing experts

It’s entirely possible to complete these four steps yourself, though it’s going to take valuable time away from your business. To save yourself from burnout; why not trust our qualified marketing experts with your campaigns? We’ll work with you on a personalised strategy encompassing SEO, search engine marketing and social media that is designed to meet your unique business goals.

Netregistry is here to put your business back on track

If you’re tired of working on lagging campaigns, give the reins to someone else. Our Aussie-based digital marketing experts are here to help you get your business back on track. Call us on 1300 638 734 to discuss your business or send an enquiry online.

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The rising popularity of .Com in Australia

Top 50 sites in Australia

2009 - 15 sites (30%)
.com - 28 sites (56%)

Alexa Link

2017 - 11 sites (22%)
.com - 33 sites (66%)

Alexa Link

In my view this is a significant changes and I believe the Names Policy Panel 2015 got it wrong in arguing new tlds were a major threat, the...

The rising popularity of .Com in Australia
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New auDA Board

A new auDA Board has been appointed to fill the vacancy left by directors retiring at this year’s AGM.

The new auDA Board will take their seats on 15 November 2019, following the auDA AGM to be held on 14 November 2019.

In an announcement, auDA published details of the new board. The new board will consist of an appointed chair, five appointed directors and three elected directors:
• Alan Cameron AO, Chair
• James Atkins – appointed Director
• Kate Cornick – appointed Director
• Peter Elford – appointed Director
• Matthew Healy – appointed Director
• Alice McCleary – appointed Director
• Sandra Davey – Elected Director
• Tania Fryer – Elected Director
• Angelo Giuffrida – Elected Director

The elected Directors were appointed after a ballot of Associate Members, which was undertaken by Link Market Services as an independent party.

Some of the existing Board’s highlights include:

  • implementing a new constitution;
  • implementing a new suite of corporate policies and processes;
  • implementing Tier 1 financial reporting;
  • modernising and consolidating 33 outdated policies into one;
  • trebling revenue;

We wish the new board well.


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Website Boundaries and Inorganic Site Structure Update

Good reading from the Bing Webmaster blog that will be of interest to anyone interested in domain metrics and search, addressing the problems of subdomain leasing, subfolder leasing and private blog networks.

Website Boundaries and Inorganic Site Structure Update
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auDA Elected Directors

Six candidates are up for four directorships.

It will be interesting to see the connections to the Victorian liberal party.

I'd also like to get a list of members to see how many auDA contractors and friends are voting.

It'd be nice to see who was rejected from being a candidate.
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Google has a ‘.new’ shortcut for creating Calendar events

Around the same time last year, Google introduced shortcuts that give you a way to create a new Doc, Sheet, Slide, Site or Form in just a few seconds. If they've been making your life easier, then you may also like Google's new shortcut for Calendar. Now, you can add new Calendar events...

Google has a '.new' shortcut for creating Calendar events
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auDA public consultation – missing key consultation points

I went to the auDA policy consultation in Brisbane the other day and it made me realise a few things.

There were a number of "Key Consultation Issues" on the agenda for consultation.

There were key issues missing from that agenda.

The reason for those items missing is due to the game playing of auDA.

The response when I raised this was not welcomed, it was played down.

We welcome your feedback - BULLSHIT!

If it's not on the agenda, you don't want it discussed. You don't want the...

auDA public consultation - missing key consultation points
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Efty Domain Sales Platform Discussion

I thought I'd share the latest Domain Sherpa video talking about the domain sales and portfolio management platform Efty.

I know it's commercial etc. but I'm always interested in domain management tools and keen to hear if anyone has anything new that they're built or tried:

Is anyone using Efty?
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