Best Australian Web Hosting Top Four With Servers In Australia

There are some great data centres in Australia that can host your website, with actual affordable pricing! offers good hosting, with servers in Australia. even has quite cheap VPS (virtual private servers) when you need even more power. Finally, has a data centre located in nearby Singapore, and provides an amazing entry point on price for beginners, hobbyists and other low traffic website or blog needs. Check out the video below for more details:

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New .au Domain Names Slammed as Tax on Australian Business

The new .au domain names for Australia have been slammed as a tax on Australian business. Watch the video for more details:


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Registering .COM.AU Domain Names

If you hold a business presence in Australia and you choose to expand it on the net to get in touch with more local people, you need a good-class domain for your website. The local .AU country specific top-level domain (ccTLD) is undeniably the most widely used domain in the country, often chosen over generic domains such as .COM or .NET. In view of the fact that registrations are, as of this writing, not currenlty allowed directly under .AU, you will need a 2nd Level Domain and the most widely used extension that businesses use is .COM.AU. This second-level extension is frequently recognized as being ‘the local .COM’.

If you would like to register a .COM.AU domain name for a personal or a business website, you can do it through an auDA accredited registrar such as and the domain will go live within the hour. You can also move your existing domain over to them and manage it concurrently with your hosting account, all in one place. To prevent unauthorized transfers, the .AU registry has introduced the Auth-Code (also called an Authorization Code, Auth-Info Code, or transfer code), so you will have to obtain the code for your domain name from the present registrar. .COM.AU domains can be purchased for five a year period at a time and the renewals are possible only during the last sixty days prior to the expiration. An official Australian Business Number (ABN) is required, so solely local individuals and commercial entities can register such a domain.

.COM.AU Domains with

Discover how easy it is to manage .COM.AU domain names with Their Premium DNS ugrade is an excellent .COM.AU domain name management tool. For example, editing the WHOIS details or modifying the DNS settings requires only several clicks of the mouse and you can easily lock & unlock your .COM.AU domain(s) at any time.

Through the Premium DNS upgrade, you will have complete administration over your .COM.AU domain. You can edit custom DNS records, custom name servers, you are able to park domains, etc. And if you’ve got a hosting account with, you can effortlessly manage both your domains and your websites. They’ve got you covered!

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.NET.AU Domain Registration

If you own an IT related business or any telecommunications-related business registered in Australia, and if you’re aiming to get higher rankings in local search results you can always consider picking the .NET.AU domain extension. This country code extension is restricted only to companies and organizations licensed in Australia, meaning that you can still find tons of good .NET.AU domains that can be registered. At an auDA accredited registrar such as you can register your .NET.AU domain for five years at a time. The price of a 5-year .NET.AU domain name registration is discounted and is only $84.95

.NET.AU Domains with

Whether you’re an experienced site owner or a hosting novice, you’ll find all the features and domain settings you’ll need and have complete control of your domain name’s WHOIS and DNS settings through their Premium DNS upgrade. You can manage numerous domain names from the very same place without difficulty – you aren’t restricted to one domain per Control Panel.

The Best Loading Speeds for Your Sites in Australia and Oceania

For the best connectivity, choose to host your site on an Australian based Data Centre. Note, you don’t have to host your site on the same place you have your domain registered at. has an Australian Data Centre and has a Singapore based Data Centre. Using an Australian based Data Centre you’ll also be able to enjoy outstanding website loading rates for the websites you’ve hosted there.

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auDA’s Quarterly Report for Q3 2020 is now available

auDA's third quarterly report for 2020 provides a snapshot of the past quarter, including updates on membership, .au registrations, work underway to progress our new policy framework, our role in protecting critical infrastructure, and our campaign, which is helping to build trust and confidence in the namespace with Australia's Internet users. 

You can download and read the report here: Quarterly Report - Q3 2020 

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New Elected Director to join auDA Board

 auDA’s Constitution requires the Board consist of five Independent Directors, four Elected Directors, and one Independent Chairperson. As a result of the ballot held prior to the Company’s Annual General Meeting in November 2019, only three Elected Directors were eligible to be appointed (having received a majority of favourable votes).

Accordingly, following an extensive recruitment and selection process by auDA’s Nomination Committee, a ballot of Associate Members was held in October 2020 to elect a fourth Elected Director to join the auDA Board.

We are delighted to announce Jackie Korhonen as the successful candidate, receiving the most favourable votes of the three candidates, and a majority of favourable votes as required under the auDA Constitution.

Accordingly, in line with the resolution passed at the September Board meeting, Jackie Korhonen is appointed to the auDA Board with effect from 11 November 2020 (the day after the 2020 AGM). The timing of the appointment enables Jackie to serve a full three-year term, consistent with last year’s Director appointments.

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Have your say: Licence Review Panel

auDA is seeking feedback on a minor change to the Licensing Rules relating to appointment terms of Licencing Review Panel members.

Proposed change to Licence Review Panel Terms

To provide feedback on this change, please email your comments to [email protected]

Submissions close 5pm 25 November 2020.

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.au domain names growth highlights businesses pivoting online during COVID-19

  • 31% growth in new .au domain names registered during COVID-19 (Apr-Sept 2020) compared to the same period in 2019
  • Equates to an additional 80,000 domain names registered in the period, predominantly in the namespace by businesses
  • Around 85% of the new domain names registered are from businesses established before the pandemic (prior to 2020), with about one-third of these being businesses more than ten years old
  • New domain name growth in NSW & Queensland peaked in July then dropped off, while new Victorian registrations continued to grow through August and plateaued in September

Registry statistics published by auDA, the Australian administrator for the .au country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), highlight the extent to which businesses have pivoted online through the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions.

These figures show 31 per cent growth in new domain names registered across the namespaces in the .au ccTLD (eg, in the six months of the COVID-19 pandemic (Apr-Sept 2020) compared to the same period in 2019.

This equates to an additional 80,000 domain names registered during COVID-19. The vast majority of these new domain names were registered by businesses in the domain.

“auDA’s internal analysis found that around 85 percent of new domains created since the COVID-19 restrictions are associated with businesses that were established pre-pandemic, indicating the many thousands of local businesses pivoting to an online presence to continue operating through the pandemic,” said Ms Rosemary Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of auDA.

“Our analysis also indicated that one-third of the businesses registering new domain names in the past six months are more than ten years old, indicating the dramatic shift to digital during COVID-19, even for well-established businesses,” Ms Sinclair said.

The influence of COVID-19 can also be seen in the State breakdown of new domain registrations. In NSW and Queensland, new domain name growth peaked in July then dropped off, while in Victoria new registrations continued to grow through August and plateaued in September.

Businesses can find a trusted domain name in seconds by visiting


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auDA’s 2019/20 Annual Report highlights transformation and consolidation

The 2019/2020 auDA Annual Report was launched today, with data from the Australian domain name administrator showing an increase in domain name registrations as the impacts of COVID-19 were felt across Australia and activities moved increasingly online.

In the three months from April 2020, registrations of new domain names across the name spaces in the .au country-code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) increased by 28% over the previous quarter.

Reflecting on the year, Chair Alan Cameron AO said that auDA has been strongly focused on the secure and reliable operation of the .au ccTLD during this time.

“Australians are overwhelmingly reliant on critical enabling infrastructure to support the economy and their everyday lives, and auDA is a crucial part of that support. As always, cybersecurity has been a strong focus of auDA’s work, as well as ensuring ongoing resilience and trust in the .au ccTLD.”

Alan Cameron, formerly Chair of ASIC, leads a new auDA Board that was appointed in November 2019, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the oversight of auDA and its operations.

In March 2020 Rosemary Sinclair AM joined auDA as the new CEO with Mr Cameron commenting: “Rosemary’s wide professional and managerial experience combined with deep knowledge of the industry are proving invaluable as auDA continues its important work of ensuring a secure, robust and reliable .au ccTLD.”

auDA’s Annual Report also details the significant work the organisation has undertaken in the past year, including:

  • development of a revitalised governance structure, focussing on consultation, transparency and accountability;
  • the ongoing modernisation of the domain name licensing framework in Australia to create a simpler and fairer system;
  • the introduction of best practice security standards for auDA and the registrar community;
  • an increase of over 250% in the associate membership of auDA;
  • development of a new auDA brand and website; and
  • finalisation of auDA’s response to all recommendations arising from the Government’s April 2018 review.

In 2019/2020 auDA continued its program of extensive public consultation on the new licensing framework, which is designed to modernise and simplify the rules around the licensing of .au domain names. With an implementation date expected late in the first quarter or early second quarter of 2021, once successfully implemented the new framework paves the way for the introduction of direct registration at the second level of .au (e.g. like  – shorter domain names that will allow for more choice and flexibility in the .au domain name marketplace.

The Chair acknowledged the importance of auDA’s collaborative multi stakeholder approach.

“The significant modernisation of the .au ccTLD licensing framework that auDA is currently undertaking is only made possible by the industry’s and community’s willingness to engage in and contribute to ongoing positive change in the .au ccTLD.”

“The .au ccTLD is an integral part of Australia’s digital infrastructure, and auDA will continue to work hard and build for the future to ensure that the .au ccTLD remains a secure, reliable and trusted public asset for all Australians.”

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Notice of Annual General Meeting

.au Domain Administration Limited ACN 079 009 340


The Board of Directors of .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) is pleased to invite you to attend its 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Date: Tuesday 10 November 2020
Time: 5:00pm AEDT (Melbourne time)
Venue: Due to COVID-19 travel and social distancing restrictions, the meeting is being held online only via the virtual meeting link below:

Registering: Please read the following notes regarding registering to attend (online or via proxy) and being able to submit questions prior to the meeting and ask questions during the meeting.




Acknowledgement of country, welcome and any apologies.


To provide general update on the activities, operations, and progress of auDA since the 2019 Annual General Meeting.


To consider the financial report of auDA and the reports of the Directors and auditor for the year ended 30 June 2020.


To consider any other business that may properly be brought before the meeting.


Date: 12 October 2020

By resolution of the Board of Directors


Download: Notice of Meeting


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