auDA releases commercial geographic domain names in and

Commercial geographic domain names ballot to raise money for release of community geographic domain names later this year

Melbourne, 23 May 2005 -

Commercial geographic names: From June 1, 2005, Australian businesses will be able to apply for  the registration of commercial geographic domain names in and  

Examples of these names include and Some commercial geographic domain names are available in both and, while some are only available in either or

The release of these previously restricted names follows a 2004 public policy review by auDA.

auDA CEO, Mr Chris Disspain, said, “following the public review process, the auDA Board felt it was clear that commercial geographic domain names are useful and desirable for Australian businesses and that the restriction should be lifted.”

”auDA has decided that the fairest and most effective way of releasing these names is by way of a ballot,” Mr Disspain said.

Where only one application is received for a domain name, that applicant will be the ballot winner. Where more than one application is received for a domain name, the ballot winner will be drawn at random using an automated computer program. The winner will pay a auDA release fee of $825 in addition to the cost of registering the domain name.

Community geographic names: Importantly, the funds raised from the release fees will be used by auDA to support the release of community geographic domain names.

The community geographic domain names initiative will enable not-for-profit organisations to register a geographic domain name and develop a portal web site for the local community. To accomplish this auDA will, later this year, create 8 new second level names in .au, one for each state and territory (, etc). Communities will then be able to register their geographic name at the third level  (for example and

More information about the geographic domain names ballot and the community domain names initiative can be found at auDA’s web site –


About auDA

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) is an Australian not-for-profit company vested with the responsibility of operating the .au domain for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In its role as manager of the .au domain, auDA carries out the following functions:

  • develop and implement domain name policy
  • license 2LD registry operators
  • accredit and license registrars
  • implement consumer safeguards
  • facilitate .au Dispute Resolution Policy
  • represent .au at ICANN and other international fora.

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