auDA Responds to Final PRP Report

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Following an extensive policy review process started in 2017, the auDA Policy Review Panel (PRP) handed down its final report last month. Today auDA responded to the report ruling out the most contentious elements of the PRP final report, and calling for public comment on its response.

As part of its response to the PRP Final Report, auDA responded to the report as follows:

Recommendation 1 – Accepted (Consolidation of Policies)

Recommendation 2 – Accepted (Legal Person Test)

Recommendation 3 – Accepted (Australian Presence)

Recommendation 4 – Accepted (Trademark Eligibility)

Recommendation 5, 6, 7 – Accepted in part (Monetisation and Warehousing)

Recommendation 8 – Accepted (Eligibility)

Recommendation 9 – Accepted in part (Eligibility of Monetisation)

Recommendation 10 – Not Accepted (Transitional Provision)

Recommendation 11 – Accepted (Transition to new licence terms)

Recommendation 12 – Accepted in party (Benefit of remaining licence term)

Recommendation 13 – Accepted (Power to cancel and suspend domains)

Recommendation 14 – Accepted (Appeal against cancellation or suspension)

Recommendation 15 – Accepted (Law enforcement cancellation or suspension)

Recommendation 16, 17, 18, 19 – Not Accepted (Misspelling List)

Recommendation 20 – Accepted (Reserved List)

Recommendation 21 – Not Accepted (Publication of Reserved List)

Recommendation 22 – Accepted (Direct Registration)


Some of highlights from the response are:

  • Categories of eligibility broadened, commercial entity, Australian presence requirement for and;
  • Monetisation permitted in and space with no content test;
  • Unused licence term on transfer converted to a credit for the benefit of new registrant;


auDA is now calling for public comment on its response by 5pm AEST, 10 May 2019.

We will provide some further commentary on the proposed new consolidated rules shortly.

DNJ Team

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