New TLDs in decline

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Most people intuitively know that most new TLDs (top level domains) are crap.

Spruikers often point to outlier sales but the reality is there has been no significant adoption of new TLDs by end users (which explains why ICANN were all too happy to let applicants for new extensions go to town with their imaginations).

Now we have it confirmed in the chart from, which shows a clear ‘double-top’ has formed and that the new TLD hype is well and truly dissipating:

‘Which extension should I choose?’

  • if you are targeting Australian consumers;
  • if you are targeting Australian consumers and you cannot buy the; or
  • .com if you are an Australian business targeting mostly overseasconsumers.

Most international firms get it that is not-negotiable for doing business in Australia. If you don’t have the, like Trip.comfor example, then you may find yourself having to put the clunky, waste-of-space word “Australia” afterwards to appeal to your Australian audience.

The following ad is from Instagram:

Finally, if you don’t like the thought of spending five or six figures on the perfect name for your business, then don’t. –Someone else will buy the name you want.

Sooner or later, everything good gets bought. Once your dream name is sold to another end user it becomes even harder to wrangle.

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